Neolith® Facades

With extraordinary physical properties, NEOLITH® has become an excellent material for exterior use also because of its lightness which enables easy installation.

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Neolith® is one of the largest sintered stone available in the market. It is 100% natural product composed of feldspar, silica, clay and other natural minerals and it emulates what nature takes millennia to produce in just a few hours, through an exclusive and highly technological sintering process.

Neolith® offers the most efficient solutions for the most demanding architectural projects, as well as an extensive combination of colors and finishes, making it a designer product that can be used in numerous applications for interiors, exteriors and furnishings.

Neolith® posses excellent physical properties, making it well suited for use on exterior application. Furthemore, it’s colors, made of 100% natural pigments, allow it to remain unfaded over the passage of time.

10 Years Warranty

Warranty for Neolith® Compact Sintered surfaces produced by Thesize Surfaces, S.L. for installation on building facades.

Technical characteristics
of Neolith® Facades

Neolith® & Pureti
Self-Cleaning and Sustainable Facades


Due to the Photocatalytic effect produced


As substances that are harmful to the environment are neutralized


As bacterial growth is stopped


As they completely eliminate bad organic odors


As the air we breathe is constantly purified and improved

Neolith Facades

Efficient solutions for the most demanding of architectural projects.

Neolith® Facades Fixing Systems

HC System

Hidden longitudinal adhesion

VM System

Visible mechanical fixing

Strongfix System

Mixed hidden profile system


Neolith® Facades

Neolith Facades Application
Technical Guide

Neolith® Facades

Neolith Facades Application
Technical Guide

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