What does ‘sintered’ mean?

Sintering is a method used to create objects from powders. Extreme heat is used to bond particles together, before reaching their melting point, in order to create solid shapes. This is a method commonly used in the manufacturing of ceramics.

How is NEOLITH different to stone surfaces?

NEOLITH is made from clay powders and 100% natural colour pigments and is a man-made product. Marble and granite are considered to be ‘natural’ stone, while quartz-based surfaces are called ‘engineered’ stone. While natural and engineered stone can be used in some of the ways NEOLITH can be applied, NEOLITH slabs are much bigger in size – currently the largest slab in the world – and they are lightweight by comparison. State-of-the-art technology has enabled NEOLITH to offer very slim slabs to the market that retain all their incredible properties such as strength, durability, and extreme heat resistance.

What is so special about NEOLITH?

NEOLITH is a high performance, large format, Sintered Stone slab. It is a product with superior physical and mechanical properties that meets and exceeds every industry specification or standard (ISO). NEOLITH can be used everywhere and is suitable for countertops, interior and exterior wall cladding, large format flooring, furniture, paving and facades. The collection offers earthy, neutral, industrial and metallic colours, all with an attractive, matte, silk, honed and river washed finish.

What are the benefits of installing NEOLITH instead of other materials?

NEOLITH is the ultimate versatile product. Unlike other materials, NEOLITH can be applied to virtually any surface, enabling architects, designers and homeowners to achieve a modern, holistic look. It is a lightweight surface and cladding material. Unlike other materials, NEOLITH has a 10-year warranty.

Is there a product warranty?

NEOLITH offers a reliable, 10 year warranty.

What is the process of getting NEOLITH installed?

For residential projects NEOLITH must be purchased through a kitchen company or stone fabricator. This is because the product usually requires cutting and fitting, which must be performed by a qualified professional with the correct specialist equipment. If you require NEOLITH for large projects, please contact Mandy our Business Development Manager on 064 600 7242 or mandy@neolith.co.za