NEOLITH is excited to announce the phasing out of 5mm cladding slabs in favour of a new and improved 6mm slab thickness.

NEOLITH headquarters in Spain developed the 6mm cladding surface to improve the product’s durability, flexural strength and to help prevent accidental breakages through improper handling.

The thicker slabs mean greater durability in transit to and from factories and installation locations, also helping to improve slab stability during cutting and installation.

The new 6mm slabs will also be manufactured in the improved slab size of 1,5m x 3,2m

NEOLITH brand manager, Lize Sparks, says, “NEOLITH is committed to providing the best compact sintered surface possible. The added slab thickness will make working with the product simpler and more efficient, as fabricators reduce wastage and accidental breakages across all their projects.”

The new 6mm NEOLITH slabs will be arriving within the next few months, watch this space for an announcement.