NEOLITH is excited to announce its new, bigger slab size of 3.2m x 1.5m (formerly 3.650m x 1.250m), as well as the phasing out of its 10mm slabs in favour of 12mm slabs. The 5mm slab thickness offering will stay the same for use as flooring and cladding.
The change is being introduced because NEOLITH Spain recently began a new production line with these new dimensions and stopped the old production line that produced 10mm slabs. The new format will serve both fabricators and the consumer with its more economical output due to reduced wastage from the new slab dimensions.
NEOLITH brand manager, Lize Sparks, says “the slab dimensions needed adjusting purely due to the new production process at the factory in Spain and will provide an more economical slab to work with”.
International Slab Sales will sell the remainder of the 10mm stock until it is depleted.  Please check that there is stock if you specifically require 10mm slabs.
A further announcement is that none of the new slabs will have the fibreglass mesh, except for the Arctic White and Nieve colours.  The reason for this is that the lighter colours are more dense so require added support during cutting.
Please note there will be no change in the sqm pricing.