NEOLITH is very suitable for use in large commercial projects such as shopping malls.  As seen in this commercial mall in Madrid, colours can be mixed up to create a light, fun look and feel, which creates a welcoming and exciting atmosphere for visitors approaching the building.  In this example, Perla and Humo were the primary colours used in the recommended cladding thickness of 5mm.  This project used 5000m2 of NEOLITH to clad the mall’s exterior, and with NEOLITH’s UV-resistant qualities the mall should retain its stunning exterior for many years to come.  NEOLITH’s unique, matte, non-porous finish means that building exteriors are automatically graffiti-resistant.  Spray paint and other chemically-based materials are no match for NEOLITH when it comes to inner city or commercial environment risks such as vandalism. The ventilated façade created by NEOLITH helps to naturally heat and cool the building – an advantage when it comes to reducing the energy costs of running a large facility such as a mall.