NEOLITH manufactures a product that surpasses every required standard (ISO) in every category with the use of technologically advanced systems and a sensitive corporate “conscience”. With a porosity of less than 0.08 percent, NEOLITH is impervious to absorption, making it a hygienic product resistant to bacteria that can cause disease and trigger allergies.

The precision, state-of-the-art technology used by NEOLITH ensures optimum efficiency in terms of raw material and energy consumption and the superior quality and finish of the end product. A large, automated factory, purpose-built to house the most high-tech, industrial equipment and production processes for NEOLITH, allows a production capacity, level of efficiency, and quality that exceeds the market standards.

NEOLITH slabs are created in a completely automated, high-tech factory that runs permanently. Automation allows NEOLITH to maintain its high standards in product quality and consistency, while ensuring energy and output efficiency. Every effort is made to avoid raw material and energy wastages, as the ultra-modern factory was designed with ‘green’ outputs and components in mind. The high-tech factory also ensures that product demand increases can be managed effectively in order to ensure consistent supply to match the growing international demand. The NEOLITH research and design department is constantly pursuing innovative ways to introduce cutting-edge designs and design solutions to the end-user. Modern technology allows for modern solutions to every construction and design requirement.