With its exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, NEOLITH is the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The dual gauge offerings (6mm and 12mm) ensure that NEOLITH can be used absolutely everywhere with complete colour continuity.

NEOLITH is designed for floors, walls, countertops, paving, door cladding and may even be used for fireplace surrounds. The modern, UV-resistant colour palette ensures that you can achieve the look you want, indoors or even outside.


NEOLITH is a low-maintenance product ideal for high traffic, commercial areas. The use and application of the 6mm and 12mm gauges remains the same for commercial installations of NEOLITH. Colour continuity across the gauges means you can easily create a holistic look for any space, interior or exterior. Give display fittings, furnishings, building exteriors and shop or office interiors a professional edge with NEOLITH surfaces.


NEOLITH is the best possible choice for interior and exterior wall cladding and paving. Due to its large slab format, it can easily be cut into any panel size to suit any project. The 6mm gauge makes it lightweight and easy to handle. NEOLITH does not require additional reinforcement of the sub-surface to carry the extra weight of the cladding.


NEOLITH offers a streamlined, uncomplicated surface solution for all interior and exterior flooring applications. NEOLITH 6mm slabs are ideally suited to flooring applications, with the large slab format helping to reduce unattractive join lines.

NEOLITH 6mm slabs are lightweight and easy to handle, simplifying the installation process. The product requires minimal maintenance due to its non-porosity and durability, and no sealing is required. Create a design-conscious aesthetic that supersedes every product on the market with NEOLITH.


The strongfix system is an industrially mechanised, longitudinal fastening system. The profiles are positioned on the top and bottom of the back of the NEOLITH tiles, fixed with a MS adhesive along a double 45° groove, in the shape of a dove-tail. This system allows for easy extraction and replacement, and provides flat, seamless perfection for aesthetic appeal.