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NEOLITH® works like an architectural skin capable of dressing up any interior or outdoor space where it is used.

The large format minimizes the number of joints in tiling for esthetic and hygiene benefits.

The minimal thickness allows NEOLITH® to be directly applied to an already existing surface without any need for prior removal which saves on the time and costs involved with reform projects.

Due to the durability and special resistance to chemical and traffic, NEOLITH® is the ideal low-maintenance material for high traffic uses such as in restaurants and cafés.

The global restaurant scene is moving at a dizzying pace where culinary preferences are constantly evolving and design trends are developed day after day to improve and enrich the gastronomic experience. Nowadays, dining room decoration is as important as the delicacies served.

The wide range of colors, finishes and thicknesses of NEOLITH® is helping top chefs implement their hyper-imaginative concepts and visions to bring everything to life for their audiences.

NEOLITH® is also a material for professional kitchens as its hygienic and high-resistance features make it the perfect companion for the restaurant industry. From cutting to fileting or kneading, NEOLITH® goes even further and is always ready for the next service.


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