NEOLITH doesn’t need any special care and is very easy to keep clean. General cleaning involves washing with water or a diluted, household detergent such as dishwashing liquid, which is enough to restore the surface to its original condition. Occasionally, deeper cleaning might be needed especially straight after installation when cement may be left on the surface. Any remaining cement can be removed by washing with warm water or very diluted acidic solutions (diluted vinegar).

Be careful when choosing the cleaning agent to use, as in the majority of cases damage to the surface is caused by using cleaning products that are too strong (high concentrations, hydrochloric acid, etc.). Sometimes using products that are unsuitable for the type of surface, such as cleaning agents with abrasive particles, can alter the appearance of the surface.

Never use an acidic cleaner on NEOLITH when it has just been laid, because the acid could react with the cement glue, and even damage the joints. It is a good idea to soak the surface with clean water before treating it with any type of chemical.

Rinse the surface immediately after the treatment to remove any remaining chemicals. Occasionally, NEOLITH can retain stains from different products that are spilled or come into contact with the surface. Some products cannot be removed in the usual way and need specific cleaning procedures that depend on the type of cladding and kind of stain.