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Neolith® Cleaning and Maintenance

NEOLITH® is an easy-to-clean material as it does not absorb residue or food remains, thereby guaranteeing good hygiene. It is also resistant to most chemical agents used in cleaning* although a damp cloth is sufficient in most cases for cleaning it.

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Polished Finishes.

Neolith®, your safest kitchen countertop choice

Health authorities warn that the virus can survive for a whileAs on household surfaces. Cleaning surfaces with household disinfectant products effectively and quickly inactivates or eliminates viruses and other harmful microorganisms. However, many cleaning products can be damaging to traditional stone surfaces compromising their finish and integrity, while Neolith®´s special composition makes it impervious to most chemical products.

How to clean your counter in front of the COVID-19


Very few products are capable of remaining unalterable with the passing of time and also maintaining their resistance, durability and appearance properties intact.

TheSize offers a 25-Year Warranty for Neolith slabs sold from 1 March 2019 and 10 years for countertops sold before March 1, 2019 with a thickness of 6+3, 12 and 20 mm used to manufacture countertops.

TheSize does not guarantee any slabs with a thickness of 3, 3+, 5, 5+, 6, 6+, 3+3, 3+3+3, 5+5, 5+3 and 10 mm.

In order to exercise this warranty, you must contact the retail establishment where you purchased your countertop so they may provide you with the data and information needed to register the warranty (shop data, batch number, etc.).

In order for you to be provided with the services deriving from the warranty, you must have registered the warranty at the website www.neolith.com (under the “Warranties” section, “Complete Warranty Form” sub-section) within a maximum period of 60 calendar days from the date of purchase indicated on your receipt.

You will need to complete all of the fields marked with an asterisk (*) and submit a receipt of purchase or other type of acceptable documental proof of purchase clearing indicating the date of purchase.

For any questions with respect to this, you may contact TheSize through the website www.neolith.com, under the “Contact” section.

Don’t forget to register your NEOLITH® Warranty!

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