Neolith®, your safest
kitchen countertop choice

Householders strive to keep a clean environment and minimise health risks in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Neolith®®, the global brand of Sintered Stone, highlights the ways in which its surfaces offer peace of mind.

Health authorities warn that the virus can survive for a while on household surfaces. Cleaning surfaces with household disinfectant products effectively and quickly inactivates or eliminates viruses and other harmful microorganisms. However, many cleaning products can be damaging to traditional stone surfaces compromising their finish and integrity, while Neolith®´s special composition makes it impervious to most chemical products.

Always and specially during times like this, homeowners can rest easy knowing that their Neolith® Sintered surfaces are low maintenance, strong and wear resistant, thanks to their mineral make-up and special manufacturing process.

A major advantage of Neolith® is that it can handle a wide range of more potent cleaners, such as bleach, alcohol or other home safe agents of choice. Click here to see a list of popular cleaning products per region. Neolith® also doesn’t rely on temporary treatments which need to be reapplied on regular basis. Being a stain resistant surface, you can scrub without worrying about wearing away its finish or causing any unsightly color changes. Check here special considerations for polished surfaces.

Results of the resistance of various surfaces to different cleaning products.

To carry out this test, the products have been deposited on the surface of the material for a period of 24 hours, after which the surface was inspected with the naked eye.
Taking a closer look into kitchens, Neolith® is available in large formats, allowing the installation of a kitchen countertop to be with minimal to no seams, which reduces the harbour of potentially harmful microorganisms. Another advantage of the Sintered Stone, is that you can prepare food directly on it, which makes it essential to regularly and safely disinfect the surface that you use to work with food with the adequate cleaning product, particularly nowadays!

Routine disinfecting will protect you and your family; therefore, we have prepared a short video on how to sanitize your Neolith® countertop.

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