NEOLITH is a product designed with cladding in mind. We recommend that professionals consider using the ventilated cladding system in order to get the best from the product.

A system commercially known as Rediwa CAT 3 is designed to cover the ventilated facades of new or rehabilitated buildings.  It involves large sintered ceramic panels that are attached to a metallic substructure by means of mechanic and adhesive clips. The substructure has vertical aluminium profiles, clips, and their corresponding anchors that are designed to be fitted onto flat and vertical mortar or cement walls, or on a metal structure.  In any application case, the anchors are defined in the specific ventilated facade technical project according to the substrate element and the loads to be transferred.

The Rediwa CAT 3 ventilated facade cladding system is composed of the following elements:

  • The vertical structure is anchored onto the wall by means of corbels and as many anchors as needed.  The vertical profiles will come together with the vertical joints between the panels.
  • NEOLITH Sintered Stone slabs.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel clips
  • MS polymer base, elastic monocomponent adhesive putty.


  1. Cladding: The system is ideal to be used with Sintered Stone panels made by NEOLITH.
  2. Elastic adhesive putty: MS polymer base, elastic monocomponent adhesive putty polymerizes at room temperature when it comes in contact with the moisture in the air.
  3. Properties:
    – Monocomponent, easy to apply from +5ºC a +50ºC.
    – Sticks without primer.
    – Neutral.  It doesn’t corrode metals or attack alkaline substrates.
    – It’s flexible from –40ºC to +90ºC.
    – Excellent resistance to U.V. radiation and weather conditions.
    – Bonds well to damp surfaces.